With good planning, development is performed to pre agreed timelines, we always give maximum exposure to our clients ensuring they are not sitting waiting and hoping for the best, and what’s more we welcome feedback at sprint stages which have been highlighted to gain stakeholder buy in early on.

We develop custom system architecture and applications for web and native mobile platforms. Our approach allows you to focus on one platform and then easily translate logic onto other platforms as required.

This phased approach allows us to focus on your user journey and UI design creating maximum user engagement and efficiency.

We integrate 3rd party systems through API’s, data feeds, http requests, stock management systems, payment gateways and xml feeds allowing you have a one point of entry into your application.

Some things we like doing…

We like a phased approach.

Allowing you to add features as and when you need them.

We like upsetting our clients!

Sorry, but it’s usually the end user at the forefront of our decisions so we’ll push you to make everything better focused on achieving your objectives rather than opinions..

We work to deadlines.

The same people who pitch to you deliver to you as well meaning no sales crap and no IT jargon just straight talking guys who say it as it is.


We develop to best practice standards

With a lot of experience in code and clouds ; we develop with the end game in mind which usually translates into stability, proactive planning, low incident rates, and good communication at all times.

We dont like rushing for the sake of quality.

Everyone wants everything yesterday and for nothing! Back to reality we work to set realistic deadlines and like to stick to them.

We really dont like….

Changing the budget when it has been agreed

When we agree terms and costs we like to stick to this as with careful planning and high end developers we have a lot of experience in what we do. We therefore predict the crucial elements which businesses need to plan their projects such as costs, resources required and timelines to a high level of accuracy as they are crucial to the success of any project.

Changing timelines

We realise there is a chain in what we do where people need to plan for the implementation of a new application, educate target users and gain stakeholder buy in where required. Once we agree timelines we dont like to change them as one would not say, “let’s play the last 10 mins of this footy match next week as we need to be doing something else now”.

Changing scope when things have been agreed

It’s all good and well coming to a project update after we are a month into development and saying something like, “I was discussing this with my friend who is an expert in IT and we were thinking, how hard would it be …..”. Sound familiar, well this is one of the biggest reasons for projects not being completed on time or expectations not being realised.

We strongly believe there is a time for thinking and a time for feedback, in between allowing us to focus on the project agreed is better than distracting us from job with ideas.

Using technical terms when we can simplify our language

We like to engage with our clients in a way in which they understand. Focusing on the target users, the user journey and expected outcomes. We try as far as possible to stay focused on your expected ROI, and making your product tailored to your business.

So all of our consultants have a strong business background as well as technical.