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"Your digital strategy should be the
same as your business plan"

Smart Studio Software


At Yantra, we work with our clients initially to lay out key business objectives and digital strategy. To us, a digital strategy is an extension of your regular business plan that details how digital initiatives can contribute to the success of the vision, the goals, and opportunities contained in the business plan.

Once this has been defined, we recommend a best fit solution based on your business goals, target markets, KPI’s you want to assess success of your strategy, how social media will complement the overall brand and digital momentum, and also how to commercialise your brand.

Through highlighting the key areas of your business, the most profitable and/or value adding, together we can create unique impressions to reflect your brand and it’s identity.


By creating the best digital brand representation of your business and developing digital user behaviours, we maximise ROI for all of our clients. Additionally, we achieve this through boosting engagement with your target audience using a combination of social media strategy and video. Ultimately, we allow you to engage with your target audience the way they want you to – through all devices and applications.

Creating a unique digital experience for your target users, as part of your digital strategy, is a key component of success as you allow your target users to interact and connect with your content.