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"Yantra Digital give us the intelligence to stay ahead
of our competition."

Neysha Sodeen MACO Caribbean

Digital Tourism, Fashion & Marketing Platform

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"I cannot emphasise how easy it is to work with these
guys, they are always keen to help and do that little bit
more than just a service provider"

Larisa Lucaciu Tech Data

Company Reseller Training TV Platform

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"Yantra allow us to focus on the creative side of things
and ensure the technical development is always

Seed Marketing Agency

Social Media Campaign Management Software


Web. Mobile. Search. Video. Multimedia. Analytics

As a consultancy based Digital Marketing Agency, we work with businesses who want to improve their digital marketing results and those who want to develop a digital marketing strategy for the first time.

Automation in marketing has become a crucial factor for brand consistency, effective messaging of product information and sharing latest information in live time across a global team.


Our smart tools for digital marketers enable the creation of consistent content, allowing for easy management of multimedia such as video and image rich brochures to make them accessible across all platforms.

Putting your message in front of your target audience is our speciality. This entails blending the right mix of activities, researching where your audience hangs out, and perhaps more importantly, making sure they get what you do and what makes you special.

We create unique wireframes and processes for each business environment and make our tool easily accessible through one simple entry point, Mobile or Web Application, ensuring you do not have to reinvent the way you work; Allowing digital to do the work for you!