At Yantra, we work with you to understand your business operations and develop marketing automation applications tailored to your business model; maximising your target-user engagement and boosting your ROI.

Automation in marketing has become a crucial factor for brand consistency, effective messaging of product information and sharing latest information in live time across a global team.

We have a proven track record in creating smart technology driven tools to create consistent content, allow for easy management of multimedia such as video and image rich brochures and make them accessible across all platforms.


Automation for business has become a critical factor in businesses, how they operate and how efficient they are. Getting your business applications right, working to your business strengths and replicating the key business processes and systems which are proven is key to getting this right.

Putting your message in front of your target audience is our speciality. This entails blending the right mix of activities, researching where your audience hangs out, and perhaps more importantly, making sure they get what you do and what makes you special.

We create unique wireframes and processes for each business environment and make our tool easily accessible through one simple entry point Mobile or Web Application ensuring you do not have to reinvent the way you work, but digital just allows you to work better!

Yantra have developed various marketing applications, ranging from technology-driven marketing software to social media campaign management software and multimedia.



We developed an application to seamlessly integrate with marketing operations, whereby managers can uniformly manage online and offline branding materials via a customizable and reusable template.

This is relevant for marketing and sales resources who need to create new presentation decks using centrally approved content. The product has successfully been rolled out globally.

Key Features:

  • Manage the latest marketing decks through one central content system
  • When a user uploads key information, everyone else has access to that update in live time.
  • Operate a local and online version of it
  • Allows for offline management of video & multimedia.

Mission Manager

Mission Manager is an Engagement Platform designed for campaign managers. Users of this platform represent brands (assigned to them by the platform administrator) and they perform various branding and marketing activity, of which upon completion they receive rewards.

Mission Manager gives marketing agencies better transparency of their campaign management, leading to increased client retention and higher efficiency in their processes.


“If you want a university student to wear a tshirt with your product message and shout from a stand, Mission Manager is the platform for you.” Seed Marketing

Key Features

  • Brand Managers can apply for a campaign encompassing numerous tasks.
  • Upon task completion, the Brand Manager will compulsorily be made to submit evidence/feedback (which they are advised on before executing the task).
  • Admin users can track the whole process for campaigns, missions & tasks – promoting full transparency.


Rich Media eBrochures

We create Rich Media eBrochures which maximise target-user engagement and provide users with the relevant message in the most prominent way.

“A new twist on a tried and tested classic delivers phenomenal results.”

Key Features

  • Educate your target audience about your new products and services
  • Provide intelligent insights into your company allowing for strong brand representation
  • Use rich media to better engage target audience
  • Train your workforce quickly and effectively through using video and animation.