The key to any successful digital project or campaign is in the planning and execution of what is planned.

At this stage we start with the basics.

Ascertain Objectives and Players

What are we looking to achieve, who are the main stakeholders, what are we measuring as success points, where is the ROI?

Ascertain what is possible

We bring in our experts from the business world and technical world to discuss all that is possible within the agreed timelines and budget. we have learned from past experience and best practice to look at all options available, discuss emerging future trends to ensure that your technology stack, and phased development is giving everything you need at the right time and your solution can grow and evolve as your business does. At this stage we discuss:


Whats feasible?

Whats essential?

Future potential enhancements?

What is required from you?

Set realistic timelines

Agree the high level scope

Agree tentative deadlines

Agree high level scope

We aim to agree the main deliverables, budget and timelines at this point which allow us to create a details Functional Overview Spec/workflows/UI mockups and project plan.


We follow high level scope up with detailed SRS, work flows and wireframes which ensure all elements of your product are 100% clear and even sample UI gives us an idea of the look and feel as well as user journey you are striving to create.

All of the above ensure expectations are managed, there are no ambiguities and all key stakeholders have inputs at a time when they add value to the end product.

We are agile in our approach

This helps us to build solutions with exact fit outcomes. Our development model allows us to make changes to improve user experience promptly without any hassle as this is sometimes crucial in getting desired outcomes.